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Transport of passengers and logistics specialists are present in all fields of activity. They represent over 10% of the national wealth creation and provide over 2 million jobs, both for passengers and goods. The sector is currently at the heart of many changes: technological innovations, digital development, the challenge of sustainable development, regulatory changes. It is, therefore, one of the main drivers of territorial and urban transformations. The opportunities related to transport management are numerous and evolving. The economic sector of transportation plays a central role in France's competitive positioning, offering many opportunities for our future graduates through specialized training.

CY Transport, a school in the Île-de-France region: a comprehensive university offering for transport, logistics, mobility, and urban planning careers.

In Île-de-France, CY Transport provides a wide range of university programs in the fields of transport, logistics, and urban planning, forming a coherent and integrated educational offering. CY Transport offers various short and long-term courses and degrees in higher education, featuring multidisciplinary content and promoting pathways between programs. CY Transport brings together educators, researchers, and various professionals within CY Cergy Paris University. It is highly connected to practical experience and the business world.

Its objective is to assist students in addressing the new challenges in the mobility of goods and people, including tasks related to organization, traffic management at the local, national, and international levels, and support for service and technology innovation.

6 Training Paths in Transport and Logistics

B.U.T. | University Bachelor of Technology

The B.U.T. Management of Logistics and Transport is available in initial training, alternating training from the 2nd year, and continuing education, offered by CY IUT in two tracks:

1 Professional Bachelor's Degree

Available in initial training, alternating training, and continuing education:

3 Master's Degrees

The Transport Mobility and Networks master's programs are available in initial training, alternating training, and continuing education, delivered by CY LSH, 3 tracks:


Doctoral training associated with the MATRiS research laboratory.

Pursue a Ph.D.

Career Opportunities at CY Transport

CY Transport covers all aspects of the Supply Chain and transportation-related careers. It prepares students for careers that meet the needs of professionals with a wide range of employers: public transport operating companies, logistics service providers, shippers, government agencies and local authorities, consulting firms, and research.

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